Membership Application Workbook

Welcome to the WebLink Membership Application Worksheet. This document will walk you through laying out your Online Membership Application in the optimal way for usage with your WebLink Connect database. If your agreement includes multiple online applications, please complete one worksheet per application, or if you have multiple applications you would like to combine, please combine and prepare for WebLink as one form.

Your Online Membership Application offers new members an easy way to submit their application and payment directly to you from your website. It is a great way to collect important data about the new members, process credit card payments immediately, and have that information populate into a profile, invoice, and payment record within your WebLink Connect Database. .

The Worksheet below will walk you through all the important aspects of your Online Membership Application:

  • Examples of Online Membership Applications from other clients
  • Lists of the fields that can be included in the Online Membership Application
  • Descriptions of how the prospective member completes the Online Membership Application
  • Descriptions of how the payments are processed

How will my online membership application work?

Your online membership application offers new members an easy way to submit their application and payment directly to you from your website. It is a great way to collect important information about the new members, process the credit card payment immediately, and have that information populate into a profile, invoice, and payment record within your WebLink Connect Database.

What information can I collect in my application?

While we can add additional fields to collect information that is important to you, the fields that will automatically be entered into the profile when you accept and process a new application are listed below.

  • Member Name (Member can be an Organization or Individual)
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Website
  • Email Address
  • Main Contact Name (Will be an Individual if your Member is an Organization)
  • Dues Invoice Amount Collected
  • Invoice Payment Type
  • Invoice Payment Amount

All additional fields you choose to include will simply gather the data and store it within the application for your reference. You will then need to manually add that information to the profile once it is created. Common examples of these additionally collected fields are listed further below.

Other Commonly Collected Fields:

  • Additional Contacts (I.E. additional employee names)
  • Billing Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Category Listing Information
  • Dues Structure Information (I.E. Sales Volume, Employee Counts, Number of Units)
  • Membership Type
  • Communication Preferences
  • Referred By

WebLink Connect offers other methods to easily collect additional information after a Member has been created in your database, which you will learn about a bit later!

Here are the steps to ensure your application is created in the best way for you:

  1. Review the starter application for your industry here:
    Membership Association
    Apartment Association
  2. Complete the Worksheet below to adjust the starter application to best fit your needs.
  3. Save the completed Worksheet and send it to your Onboarding Specialist.
  4. Once the application has been tailored to your needs, the Onboarding Specialist will provide a link for your review.
  5. Place the link within your website navigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions received from organizations related to membership applications. If you have a question that is not answered here, please make sure you ask your Onboarding Specialist before sending the completed Worksheet. It can save you a lot of time.

  1. How are payments processed?

You will need to have a credit card gateway with one of the approved third party providers:, PayPal, or Beanstream. Your gateway will be integrated within the Admin > Set Preferences > Application Settings section of your WebLink Connect database. Once integrated, the payments submitted with your online application will be processed immediately upon submission. If a card is not processed successfully, the user will receive a message alerting them to the problem. I.E. their card was declined, the expiration date was incorrect, etc. They will not be able to submit the application to you unless their payment is approved.

  1. How much information should I collect?

Collect enough information for you to create the basic profile within WebLink Connect, as well as the appropriate information to calculate their Dues amount. After the profile is created within your database, you can sent a welcome email containing a link to the Profile Update Form. The Profile Update Form allows you to collect information related to the Member’s online directory listing, logos and photos, demographic information, interests, mailing preferences and more. There are many configuration options available to ensure you’re collecting the information that is important to you. You can learn about configuring your Profile Update Form here.

  1. How many applications can we receive per month?

There is no limit to the number of online application submissions you can receive per month.

  1. What happens if someone joins online that isn’t permitted to be a Member?

If you review the submitted information and realize the submission isn’t valid, you can refund the credit card from the Revenue > Credit Card Payment Processing section of WebLink Connect, and you should follow up with the submitted Member.

Based on the starter application for your industry, please consider the following questions. Make notes in each section as appropriate.

  1. What fields would you like to collect? Please note whether each field is required or optional.

  2. How are membership dues calculated? Please be specific and indicate which fields above should be used to do the calculation.




  1. Do you collect payment for items besides membership dues from your membership application? I.E. Application/Initiation Fee, PAC Contributions, National Dues, etc. If so, do all members pay these items? Are they required or optional?




  1. Do you prorate first year membership dues? If so, please give a detailed description of your proration process below.



  1. Which revenue item(s) should be used for membership dues, and any other items indicated in question four, above?



Click here to download the Membership Application Workbook.

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