How To Setup WebLink Connect to Integrate With Salesforce marketing Cloud (formerly known as Exact Target)

Note: Salesforce purchased Exact Target and branded the tool as Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You will see the label Exact Target in WebLink until it is replaced in Q4 2016.Click here for more information.

WebLink is integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enhance your email abilities through WebLink. Once completed, you will use WebLink for your overall list management and email list building, while using Salesforce Marketing Cloud to draft, send and track your emails. By using the integration, you get the benefits of each product:

WebLink gives you:

  • A single location to track all your lists, member preferences, topics of interest, etc
  • Special Fields you can place in your emails to personalize information and links
  • Online opt-in and opt-out ability by your members and their related profiles
  • The ability to initiate emails from the Mass Communicator that get sent through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you:

  • A large assortment of templates and images
  • Extensive tracking for open rates, click-through, bounce backs, forwards, and more

Once your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account is set up, the steps to have it integrate fully with your database are minimal and very easy to complete. Follow these steps to activate your Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration (Note; you must already have a Salesforce Marketing Account. Click here for more information.

  1. In your database, go to Admin > Set Preferences > Application Settings. The WebLink Connect Settings screen will open.
  2. Click the Email Providers tab
  3. Under the Exact Target Settings area, fill in the three boxes for information; username, password, and Entity ID. Enter this information as provided by Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  4. Click Save.

Once activated, the Exact Target tab and functionality will appear whenever you use the Mass Communicator.

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