WebLink Connect Public API

WebLink has a REST API available that allows you to share and update WebLink data with a 3rd party developer. Once you have been granted access and authenticated through the API, your 3rd party developer can generate calls to both pull data from WebLink as well as post data from another service/data source back in to your WebLink database. A general scope of the WebLink data available through the web API includes:

  • General Profile Information
  • Related Profiles and Relationship data
  • Affiliations and Committees
  • Listings
  • Event Settings and Registration data
  • Users

For a full list of available requests/responses and further details, see below:

WebLink Public API Developers Guide

To purchase access to our API and specific client credentials to provide to your 3rd party developers, please contact our Customer Success Managers at customersuccess@weblinkinternational.com


 This feature is available for purchase with the following WebLink Connect packages. 


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