Overview of the Event Registration Page

The Event Registration Page

Once your website visitor clicks the Register Now button, they will be directed to the Event Registration Page to complete the registration process. The Event Registration Page has 4 components:

  • The Registration Options Area
  • The Sign Up Information Area
  • The Payment Area
  • The Attendee Information Area

Depending on how you built this particular event and the Event Items and quantities they select, the information they are asked--or required--to provide will be included in the Registration Form that appears below the Registration Options area.

The Registration Options Area will display all alone on the page until options have been selected by the website visitor. The Registration Options Area has several features, all identified in the illustration below the following list:

  1. Name and Date of the Event
  2. Welcome greeting (it will display their name if they are logged in)
  3. Login In opportunity
  4. Description of each active Event Item (Event Items can be set to be private or will hide if they have a set date range of availability.
  5. Price Options for Each available Event Item
  6. Selection check boxes for available Event Items, or a Login In button if a price is restricted
  7. Quantity selector for any Event Item checked

Once Registration Options have been selected, the Registration Form will appear and allow the website visitor to compete the optional and required information fields. The Registration Form is organized in to 3 distinct sections:

  1. Sign Up Information - This area captures information about who the billing contact for this event is. If the website visitor was logged in, the contact information you have set to be captured will be automatically filled in
  2. The Payment Area - This area will capture payment information, if the Event Items signed up for have a cost associated with them and you have configured the event to accept online payments. If your event Items have a cost associated with them but you have not set the event to accept online payments, this area will be hidden. This is  also where  your website visitors can apply a Promo Code, if you have built one for this  event.
  3. Attendee Information - This area captures the contact information for the person who will actually attend the event. If the Sign Up person is also the Attendee, they can select a check box to copy their information from above. You can also configure this box to always be checked in the global Event Settings area. The Attendee Information fields will repeat depending on the quantity of Event Attendees the person is entitled to.

Each of the 3 sections above can be configured for each event:

  • Contact Info and Custom Fields can be configured on whether they are Visible or Required by either the Sign Up, Attendee, or both
  • Custom Fields can be built that ask for additional information from the Sign Up, Attendee of Both. Common Custom Fields include Meal Choice, Session Choice, Shirt Size, etc.

The image below identifies all 4 sections of the Event Registration Page:

  1. Registration Options
  2. Sign Up Information
  3. Payment Area
  4. Attendee Information

Click here to learn about Configuring and Using your Event Module, as well as the many Event Reports at your disposal.

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