Profile Selector - How to Map Multiple Profiles

How can I see the location of a set of profiles on a map?



WebLinkCONNECT enables you to plot multiple profiles on a single map. This feature is helpful for geographic analysis, prospecting and retention, or making on-site vsits. Follow these steps to plot multiple profiles on one map:

1. Open the Profile Selector by going to Profiles > Select Profiles or by pressing the F2 key.

2. Search using any of the tabs of the Profile Selector for the profiles you want to map.

3. Highlight the Profiles you want to map (you can right-click to Select All) and then right-click with them highlighted. 

4. Select Get Map. A Google map will load with each Profile identified by a colored flag. Members are Red, Prospects are Yellow and Other are Blue.


 Watch a Training Video on Using the Profile Selector:

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