Website Post Production Review Checklist

Taking a website live can be an exciting and sometimes anxious time. It's important to review as much of the site as possible, to make sure there aren't any last minute changes or additions you want to make.

But as much as you want to get the site perfect, it's also important to remember that you can always make real-time changes and edits to almost every aspect of your site. So don't feel that your final review is actually final--Best Practices will tell you that it's important o always be looking for ways to improve and change your website.

After your website production is completed by our web developers, you will be given one week to review the website links and provide feedback for any changes that you would like to have made to the website. You will use the Website Post Production Review Checklist to complete this review and supply your Onboarding Specialist with any feedback that you find as you are walking through the checklist.

Please review your website and complete the checklist below. If there is an item you believe needs more work, leave that item unchecked and include your comments in the Notes section located at the end of the checklist. All notes will be reviewed and addressed by your WebLink Web Developer.

When all items have been completed to your satisfaction, simply sign and date this document on the lines provided. This completed and signed form will act as an agreement that your website is ready to go live and no further work is required. No sites may go live without a completed and signed WebLink Website Final Review Checklist.

The header is correct (image/color/call to action/text)

-The logo is correctly placed and of suitable quality
-Pages show as expected across browsers (IE9+, Firefox, Chrome)
-Pages respond as expected in tablet and mobile views
-Fonts are consistent and match agreed upon style selections
-Colors are consistent and match agreed upon style selections
-Header image displays as expected (if applicable)
-Banner ads are present if being used and displaying properly
-Social media icons linked (if applicable)

-Quick links / breadcrumbs are correct (if applicable)

-All fields are present and correct / unneeded fields have been removed
-General form behavior is as intended (excluding submission)
-Dues structure is correct (calculates correctly)

-Quick links on the search page are categorized as expected
-Listing types have been configured as desired

-Events are displaying in the event list as expected
-Events with registration available allow successful registration
-Organizational events and community events calendars are linked (if applicable)

-All included widgets are present and displaying properly
-Sponsor widget is configured properly and logos are correct (if applicable)

-Additional forms are linked and configured properly
-Job Bank is linked and functioning properly
-Ecommerce is linked and functioning properly
-Business Connect is linked and functioning properly

Click here to download the Website Post Production Review Checklist.

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