How To Import Your Prepared Profile Data Into WebLink Connect

How do I import my prepared Excel spreadsheet into WebLink?

WebLink Connect allows you to import Profile data for organizations and their main contact people from a Microsoft Excel file. Note: Make sure you have properly prepared your data before importing into WebLink Connect.

1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > Profile Codes > Affiliation Codes.
2. Create a new affiliation code to link to your newly created profiles. The best practice is to simply call it 'ImportMMDDYY' where MM is month, DD is date and YY is year (or something similar), so that you can easily pull up all of the profiles created in this specific import.
3. Go to Admin > Import Profile Data From Excel.

4. If your file contains Main Contact info, click the 'This Excel file contains a main contact for each organization' box.

5. Set the Profile Relation Types you would like to set for the relationship between the Organization and Main Contact.  Usually Employer is set in the top box. 

6. Go to the Excel Import File Path box and click the  button. This will take you to the Windows Explorer box and there you will navigate to where you saved your Excel file.
7. Select the file and click Open.
8. When it opens, it will look for the organization field names and work to link them to the fields in on the screen. If it does not automatically link all the fields, you will have to manually input the field names that are in the spreadsheet and did not link. Simply type the field name exactly the way it appears on the spreadsheet in the field you want the data to be imported into.
9. Decide if you want to import the new profiles as members, prospects or neither and click the appropriate check box. Note: Since you can only identify the Profiles as Member, Prospect or neither, and not a combination of these, make sure you are only importing like groups at one time.
10. Once you are satisfied you have all the fields mapped, click the second tab at the top, Data to Import.

11. Click the drop-down for Affiliation Code to Assign to the Imported Profiles and choose the code you created in Step 2. 

12. Click the Get Data To Import Button to review your data. 

13. If there are problems with your data, you will receive messages telling you what the issue is. If all is well, then you will be able to preview your data in the data-grid on the screen.

14. If you are satisfied with the data, then click the Import Data button.  NOTE: This cannot be undone! Once the profiles are imported, they can only be deleted manually, one at a time.
15. The system will do a duplicate check and allow you to either remove the duplicates from your spreadsheet or to go ahead and create a duplicate record. If duplicates are found, you will be shown the duplicate checker and be able to see the duplicate that is in the database. If you choose Do Not Save New Profile from the Duplicate Checker Screen, then a box will appear telling you to remove the duplicate from your spreadsheet and when you click OK the import data will be cleared from the Data-grid. Leaving the Import window open in WebLink Connect, You can the open the spreadsheet in Excel and remove the duplicate record.  Save your changes and close the spreadsheet. Return to WebLink Connect and click Get Data to Import again. Your data will be pulled up with the record you removed missing.
16. If no duplicates are found or you have cleaned them all up, then you will see a progress at the bottom of the screen showing you that the profiles are being created. Once it is complete, you will get a message that the profiles have been created.  Click OK.
Now you can review your imported profiles by to the Profile Selector (Profiles > Select Profiles) and searching for the import Affiliation Code you created in the Affiliations tab.


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