Data Review Checklist

After your initial Data Conversion is completed, you will complete a formal Data Review with your Onboarding Specialist to review your data in your new WebLink Connect system. Even though the Data Conversion Workbook is a highly organized file, mistakes can happen or decisions can be made after the Conversion that certain data would be better held in a different area of WebLink Connect.

After the Data Review Call with your Onboarding Specialist, you will be given one week to continue your data conversion review on your own. To help you make sure to capture and identify any changes that need to be made, you will use the Data Review Checklist to complete this review and supply your Onboarding Specialist with any feedback that you find as you are walking through the checklist.

Click here to download the Data Review Checklist.

  1. Total member count
    Check that the total member count that displays matches the total member count that was provided in the data file

  2. Total individual count
    Check that the total Individual count that displays matches the total Individual count that was provided in the data file

  3. Total organization count
    Check that the total Organization count that displays matches the total Organization count that was provided in the data file

Review at least 10 profiles within your database using the checklist below. Be sure to choose a variety of profiles that are a good representation of the profiles in your data

  1. General tab of profile
    -Ensure the following are correct:
    -Profile name is correct
    -Profile Address is correct
    -Profile phone numbers are correct (Work, Home, Mobile, Fax)
    -Profile Email address is present and correct
    -Profile website is present and correct
    -Profile status for the Profile is displaying correctly

  2. Related Profiles Tab

    -Related profile(s) is linked to the correct Organization/Individual profile
    -Main Profile flag is checked on the correct Related Profile that should be the main contact for
    the related Organization/Individual profile

  3. Billings Tab

    -Billing record is displaying
    -Dues amount listed is correct
    -Revenue Item attached to the billing record is correct
    -Anchor month/date is correct for the billing
    -Billing cycle is set up correct

  4. Listings Tab*

    -Profile has a listing(s) present (profile can have more than one listing)
    -Listing is checked as the Primary Listing (if multiple listings, one must be checked as Primary Listing) -Listing(s) is checked as a Web Listing
    -Listing(s) is checked as Active

  5. Committees Tab*

    -Profile is linked to the correct Committee
    -Committee member is linked to their related organization

  6. Custom Fields Tab*

    -Custom Fields are displaying correctly for the Profile

  7. Affiliations Tab*

    -Affiliation codes are displaying as assigned to the Profile

  8. Transactions Tab*

    -Due date is listed correctly on invoice
    -Amount listed for the invoice is correct
    -Balance due in the right hand corner is correct
    -Revenue item on the invoice is correct

* If Applicable to your data and to the Profile you are reviewing

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